Take a 15km ride on horseback to see the highest wetland in Africa located in the Ntsikeni Nature Reserve bordering on the farm. Rides can be adapted to experience levels of riders and pony rides are also offered for the kids.


Enjoy the solitude of a private hike or join us for a guided hike to the caves to view bushman paintings.


Experience 1880 borders on the Ntsikeni Nature Reserve which is known for its diverse bird population. Some species often migrate to the solitude of the farm.Yellow Breasted Pipits, Cape and Bearded Vultures, Black and Montague's Harriers, African Marsh and even the rare Western Marsh Harriers and other large species like breeding Wattled Cranes, can be seen around the farm.

Rock art viewing

There are beautiful bushman paintings in a cave situated on the farm. Take a scenic hike to the caves and admire the ancient art of the indigenous people.


Far from any major cities, the stars are really spectacular and a must see. Enjoy stargazing from a telescope on the deck or just gaze up at the galaxy and admire the crystal clear milky way.

Activities are booked on request. Please contact us for further details and pricing.